Royal Oak Chiropractor

Dr. Howard Manela Chiropractor at the Royal Oak Chiropractic Clinic is dedicated, first, to getting you out of pain after an auto accident or auto injury. The office uses a class four laser therapy treatment in order to reduce any inflammation or swelling causing neck pain, mid back pain, or lower back pain. It is important to get you out of pain after an auto accident, not only to make you more comfortable, but to reduce the possibility of having a permanent or long-standing injury. Studies have shown that range of motion and disc degeneration, or disease, will speed up or increase if not properly treated after an automobile accident. If you sustain a severe injury, such as a herniated disc of the cervical or lumbar region, it is important to first get an exam and x-rays, and specialized testing - such as an MRI. It is also very important to get neurological testing, such as an EMG. After you have recieved x-rays and an exam, and any other neurological testing, the office provides treatment for auto injuries, in addition to laser therapy. The Royal Oak Chiropractic Clinic also uses a state-of-the-art decompression therapy for herniated discs, used to treat herniation in the cervical or lumbar area.

Yours in health,

Dr. Howard Manela, D.C.